Today is turning out to be a great day. Starting with last night, I got to ride a new horse. Her name is Belladonna and she is a beautiful black 22 year old, which is yes on the old side but she is SO entergetic. The really thrilling part about it is, she isn't a lesson horse, she is a private horse. This woman at the barn, Lesley, was looking for a sponsor for her, basically someone to ride her for free, and she thought I was good enough. Last night was our trial lesson run. I think it went well, hopefully I will be able to keep riding her in my lessons!! She is really sweet, quite entergetic once you get her excited and has no weird issues like Elvis! Sadly I don't get to ride again until the 20th, next week Mike's parents are coming for a visit and the week after that Dagi is in Germany.

Today I also bought our tour tickets for Hearst Castle for Monday!! I can't wait to go. We are going on Tour 1 and Tour 2!!! I haven't been there since 1987 and Mike has never been. I hope he has a good time. I know I will. We are staying in a hotel Sunday night, since it is a 4 hour drive and then doing the tours early on Monday. I hope we find a cute place for dinner. And I will try to take a million pictures of the house.

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