Hello new me

Do you ever have those moments that make you realize you have grown up/ changed in ways you hadn't noticed before? I was walking my new buddy Elvis back to his pasture (pictures of him tomorrow) and he flipped out a little when he saw the two puppies playing. I just kept with him, calmed him and brought him back under control. 10 years ago I would have had my stomach down to my knees and my heart pounding out of my chest. In other words I would have been a nervous wreck, instead I stayed calm and just handled the situation. When did I grow up and learn to remain calm. Now if Dagi suggests a new horse, a higher jump, I just think "okay, we can try that" not "OMG we are going to mess this up." Does this happen to everyone? Have I finally learned to have some confidence in myself?

And Mike is coming home tomorrow night!! Just for the weekend but still I can't wait!!!!!

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