As I promised

As much as Elvis likes attention in person, at least in the cross-ties he gets mad if you leave him alone, he doesn't seem to care to much for the camera. I couldn't get him to act cute at all. He just really wasn't interested. The only reason he even stuck his head out at all was because he thought my orange water bottle was a massive carrot that he might be interested in. But alas it wasn't. Anyway Dagi was really impressed that I got him tacked up by myself, I even got his bridle on. Which apparently no one else has managed to do at this point (other than her). I think the student helpers are just scared of him. I don't know why I am not. He just doesn't seem mean-spirited to me. Cranky? Maybe. A brat? Yes. Do I think he would bite me if he thought I was going to hurt him? Yes. I just make sure he knows I am not going to and I do pay attention so he can't catch me off guard. But really how is that different from how I should behave with any horse? Especially a new one.

Hopefully Dagi will let me keep riding him. I am enjoying it so far. Especially the fact that he just seems healthy and well muscled. Nifty and Pickles were starting to get a little thin and I almost felt bad for making them exercise. Elvis is a bit weak in his hindend I think, which isn't great for jumping but I think that can be built up.

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