Didn't move for the weather

When people ask me where I live I say CA, when they ask me where I am from I say Upstate NY. CA is a lovely place don't get me wrong but I don't love it, this is not my home. I am hear because I got an amazing job, honestly that is the ONLY reason. It certainly isn't the extreme housing prices, it isn't the overwhelming casual-outdoorsy lifestyle and apparently suprisingly to most people it sure as heck ain't the weather.

So you might wonder what is wrong with 8-9 months of fairly warm weather 6 of which are sunny and cloudless then a few months of rain and a little cooler. I will tell you IT IS BORING!!!!!! I hate getting up in the morning knowing it is going to be sunny and hot again. I hate wearing the same 10 outfits for 8 months because the weather doensn't change. I want sudden thunderstorms, I want crisp fall breezes, I want quiet heavy snow, I want bitter stinging cold, I want mild sunny wet spring. I want SEASONS! VARIETY!! I know I could go out and buy more clothes, but that doesn't really solve the underlying thing that drives me nuts about living here, that would just remove the painful process of wearing the same thing over and over. But really my options are highly limited anyway, no skirts to work and it is 110 out? I don't think shorts are work acceptable even though the people I work with do. I hate capri pants but I have run out of options. Will I ever get used to this place? Honestly I hope not, CA isn't ME.

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