Is work always feast or famine

No matter where I work I never seem to have a job that operates at a consistent level. Things have been chugging along well for the past few weeks but not overly busy. Suddenly nearly all of the parts I ordered arrive and I have 6 projects all requiring my attention at once. I admit that none of them are earth shattering so they don't all have to be done RIGHT NOW! But it would have been nice to have things spread out a little more.

On Saturday we are meeting a woman at IKEA to sell the last of my wedding stuff, the 18 silver julep cups we used for the flowers. The big question that remains is what will I do with the $100 because that doesn't go all that far towards the new lenses I want for my camera!!! I think I am going to have to start putting away some money ever week towards those. And any money I get as a gift. That should only take about 6 months. Right as if I can wait that long, I am not a patient girl. Do you think I can find used lenses on ebay or something? I will have to look into that.

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