Pictures of pickles

Mike was late getting home from work last night so I took some pickle pictures. Unlike him they were very good about standing still for me, and they didn't complain at all!! Anyway these are the two pictures I liked the best. I was trying to take pictures from different angles, up close, far away etc. But I think I am going to have to work on that again with something else because the obvious shot was the only one that looked good here, at least to me. But I am not putting all 15 pickle jar pictures up here for you all to judge. Sorry! I know you are really upset about that right?

We went to the gym again this morning. And I ran 0.45 miles without walking and I actually felt at the end that I could have gone a little farther. We will see if next time I run I decide to go up to 0.50. I love when I make progress with this stuff. It makes it so much more fun to stick to. Speaking of making going to the gym better, I am in love with wearing these Goody No-slide headbands while I am working out. No matter if I have long or short hair I have a million little pieces around my face that are always tickling my eyes and nose while I am at the gym, these finally solve that problem! So along with my ipods these are my new gym best friend. I ordered another gym item today The No Sweat Towel, because I sweat a TON at the gym, like literally dripping and I hate it when towels slide off the treadmill and land on the gross dirty floor. I will let you know how I like them when they get here. I got three small ones for me and two of the large ones for Mike to use on the weight equipment.

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