New Pickles

Michael finally got to make his homemade pickles on Saturday. We can't try them until this weekend but he won't stop talking about them!! And he wants me to take a picture of them to put up here. So I suppose I might try to do that tonight. I need to keep playing with my camera. And one of the exercises from that photography site I mentioned before was to take a series of pictures of a subject from all different angles, the pickles will probably sit still better for that than Michael will.

Today is the start of my Hawaii countdown diet. I have enough time if I start now that I can be in bikini shape by late February without totally killing myself. So here we go. And I have been doing a test run the last couple of weeks with fairly good sucess, now I am just kicking it up a notch. The message board that I am a moderator on is having a little weight loss challenge over the next 8 weeks so I figured now is a good time to get a little more serious. I miss being healthy. Plus I want to be able to wear skinny pants tucked into boots gosh darn it! I get so few fashion options here at work since I can't wear skirts or dresses so I have to milk the pants thing for all it is worth!!!!! Anyway my Challenge goal is 10 lbs, I will let you know how I did when it is over!

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