Should have planned better

There was a lot of playing around with the new camera this weekend. With a little better planning I would have shrunk down some pictures to post here. Maybe tonight. There is a definate learning curve with this camera. I am starting out with the partial manual modes. I think I have the shallow depth of field thing going okay. The speed thing needs working on because I was trying to work on that while taking pictures of Mike playing his guitar in the early evening and it was just too dark for the shutter speeds I wanted and he doesn't just move his fingers. He tends to move his entire body at just the wrong time to ruin the shot. Thank goodness it is digital and I could delete 24 of the 28 pictures I took!

Finally after WEEKS of shopping we found Mike some new black shoes. Who would have thought it would be so hard to find shoes for a guy but he is just SO picky. We finally went into Nordstroms Rack in SF so he could try on like 20 black shoes in a row, and we finally found some. Thank goodness. Now I have a 11.5 month reprieve from dealing with that again! Sadly I didn't get any shoes. Not that I didn't look, but that store is really hit or miss so there was just nothing cute in my size. All I ended up getting was a new pair of running shoes at Sports Authority later that day.

Speaking of running we went to the gym again this morning! And I ran 0.4 miles before I walked. I love running so much more when I am RUNNING!

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