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So what do you think of the pictures? I actually am happy with the pot sticker one. It actually achieved what I wanted it too. I need to do a lot more playing around with my camera though. The extra good thing about the new camera is that now I can carry my digital elph in my purse all the time. I suppose I could have done that before but I was always afraid of losing it or breaking it and not having a camera. Now I will always have the good one as backup, but that one is TOO big to carry out to dinner etc. I am planning to take the rebel to my lesson on Thursday and take some pictures of the lessons before and after mine. Maybe I can even get Dagi to tell me when she is going to ride Pipa next and I can take some pictures of the two of them. I want to play with things outside where light won't be an issue.

In case you were wondering here is the recipe for the pork pot stickers. Yummy. We individually froze the ones we didn't eat at the first sitting (which was most of them) and then bagged them so we can pull out 6 or 10 or 20 to eat when we want.

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