Chat up a stranger at the gas pump day

Is today some weird national holiday that I am not aware of? Like a day where you are encouraged to find a stranger pumping gas and say innane things to them? Or worse hit on them without checking to see if they are MARRIED first? Okay we all know that I am tall, I get that. And I know I often forget that some people find that really noteworthy, to me it is just life. I am 5'10" and I like to wear heels (3" ones today). I should be used to people commenting on how tall I am by now but to me it isn't relevent, you wouldn't comment to a stranger on how short they are or how fat would you? Anyway two seperate guys chatted me up today while I was filling up my car. Thankfully only one was hitting on me, I think.

Number 1 - "Hey it's a basketball player" as he walks inside to pay, I just laugh. Inside at the counter, "You are tall, tell me you played basketball?", "No, sadly I lack any kind of coordination" my polite way of saying buzz off buddy and stop talking about how tall I am.

Number 2 - "You're really tall, how tall are you?" as I get in my car "about 5'10", but I cheat with heels." showing him the 3" wedges, "You're really pretty, where are you from?" Oh no here comes the hitting on me, out pops my fake plastic polite smile, "Walnut Creek", "Do you ever get up to Sacramento?", "no not really, I just come up here for work" crap why am I telling him MORE about me, how do I end this without him getting mad or something? "Really where do you work?" "At _____ over there off 505", "oh so you mix up drugs and stuff, are you a pharmacist?", "no I am an engineer" come on already this is getting retarded! "What would you say if I asked you to come up to Sacramento?" Finally!! Flashes wedding ring "I don't think my husband would like that very much", he gives me a dirty look like I have been flirting with him and leading him on and then walks away. What was I suppose to do answer the first question "5'10" and happily married?", probably. I hate to assume that people are hitting on me until they do the obvious hitting on but I might need to learn to just be rude and nip these things in the bud. Hopefully I can avoid any more strangers for the rest of the day!

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