Ahoy Mateys

The bands were exactly as predicted with one addition. Foo Fighters (would have liked that one maybe), Bob Dylan (not interested), The Black Eyed Peas (not interested either), The Eagles (big whoop). So all in all, not too sad I missed it, to go all the way down there ALONE to see one band, I wouldn't have been happy. It was nice and quiet in Vacaville and I got a few things taken care of, and we had lots of food. Sadly no cookies.

Also during lunch I did a LOT of shopping.
Bed Bath and Beyond
-madeleine pan
-shower shelf (our old one is looking prettyy rusty)
Banana Republic
-blue lace collar t-shirt
-dark blue skinny jeans
-long sleeve polo for Mike
-tweed blazer (very equestrian)
Nine West
-tall brown flat boots (also rather equestriian in nature)
Nike Outlet
-2 pair gym pants for Mike (both of which arre WAY too long and I have to take them back)
Ouch! No more shopping for a little while I think!

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