Rumors of bands for the work 30th anniversary party are running rampant. So far nothing I have heard has interested me in going. Other than how excited everyone else seems to be for it. Here it is 10:30 almost the party starts in 2 hours and I don't know if I am going or not. Reasons I am not interested:
  • I am not into live music or concerts
  • The rumors for bands are ones I don't even know well (Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, The Eagles etc) and are out of my age range
  • Mike can't get the day off work to go with me

But really I can't decide if I am just being a party pooper and I should suck it up and go and try to have a good time, or should I have a nice quiet afternoon at work and leave a little early when the small local party starts? I am not trying to make people feel bad for me and talk me into going, if I know myself and I know that I don't enjoy these types of events (especially without Mike) why should I make myself go through all the trouble of going? Can't I be secure in myself and knowing what I enjoy?

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