I couldn't wait any longer

I managed to wait all the way until yesterday to listen to Christmas music for the first time this year. Usually I break it out somewhere in the summer at least once and then put it away again until now. I love the holidays but they didn't feel right last year since it wasn't cold at all here and we didn't get to see our families. Hopefully this year will be different and we will get to go back to NY for a bit and enjoy the cold weather and some time with our parents and siblings.

In case you were wondering what Michael actually had done on his eyes it is called upper lid blepharoplasty. I might post pictures in a couple of days. But in case you are grossed out by that I will make sure you don't see them on this page. He is healing well though and didn't bruise at all. Now if he could just close his eye all the way that would be great.

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