My butt hurts

For once it isn't because I have been sitting on it too much. It is because pain in the butt Elvis was being a jerk last night and bucked me off. Honestly I can't remember the last time I came off a horse. And it is always rather embarassing and leaves you feeling shakey and unsafe. Don't worry I got back on him, after Dagi rode him around for a while. But it really sucked. And it sucked even more because J finally came to ride with me, and while I think she still had a good time as Dandy played nice she didn't really get to see what I normally do in my lesson. There was no jumping, hardly any cantering. Which is also a bit embarassing. Anyway so here I sit with an ice pack down my pants, secretly hoping I at least end up with a nice bruise to show off, and remembering how ADORABLE Dagi's new puppy Finn is and what a licker! I just wanted to take him home with me.

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