Hard vs Easy

Sometimes it feels like everyone in my family is getting sick this year. Mom emailed me today that Dad is going in for surgery on Thursday because he has a detached retina. Sounds like fun doesn't it? It makes it really hard on me to be so far away from them while they are going through all these things. I can't help them out with stuff around the house or even just take their minds off of all that stuff with something fun. At least the holidays are coming up and we are going home for a visit. I almost feel bad about how much easier my life has been this year than theirs. Not perfect, we are still making CA friends and we both miss the east coast. But I am getting better at my job, we got married, we are planning a great trip to Hawaii, we have enough money for all our needs. Its not fair that my life is so much easier in comparison. My parents have worked hard all their lives they should be facing a happy relaxing retirement now.

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