We won!

Friday night we went to Michael's Work Holiday Party in Oakland. We had a better time this year than last, mostly because we didn't get stuck sitting at the table with all the principals (ie the bosses). That made for very uncomfortable conversations. Last year everyone got a cash gift and a small present (generally gift cards). This year they all got a check again, and a company bag but the presents were limited (more expensive) but not everyone got them, maybe about 20 people, they pulled names out of a bowl. The big gift at the end of the night was given away again by pulling a name but this was from only the people who made suggestions for office or work improvements. They pulled out a name and guess who it was? Michael!!! Now guess what the prize was?? TWO TICKETS TO HAWAII!!! Which is more funny than exciting to both of us since we already bought our non-refundable tickets for Kauai in February! Now we might be "forced" to go to Hawaii twice (not that that would be bad, just expensive!) Mike was hoping he wouldn't win, I was hoping he was because I thought it would be really funny if we did win. Guess I was right.

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