11 Month Anniversary

Happy 11 Month Anniversary to us!! We went out to dinner at our favorite chinese place, Yan's to celebrate. And because we didn't have any dinner planned. I was supposed to have a riding lesson tonight, but Dagi's puppy Finn got stepped on by Pickles yesterday. She thought he was doing better this morning and went out to the barn but then by late afternoon he was just miserable so she had to cancel to go take care of him. Which I totally support, I just miss riding, chatting with her, and seeing the puppy! I really hope he recovers from this. Bad Pickles!!

Less than 4 weeks until Hawaii!!! I can't wait. I am going to start booking things now. I can't decide if I need to buy more stuff or not. I should plan out my outfits and see how it goes. I have already bought a ton of stuff, clothes (dress, coverup, bathing suit, shorts, tank tops, hoodie), floppy hat (which Michael finds hilarious but I need to protect my skin from the sun!), scarf (to hold hair down in convertiable), camera remote (so our self portraits aren't those funny one arm ones), waterproof camera case for my elph (so excited to use this!!!). I do still need new sunglasses right??? Maybe I just am addicted to shopping? That is more likely.

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