Elvis has returned to the building

I had my first riding lesson since November last night (due to weather holidays etc there have been a lot of cancellations). And I walk into the office to leave my check and see who I am riding and next to my name it says - Elvis. Well that can't be right, I thought he was gone. I checked the date in the ledger, Jan 11th, that is right. Last I had heard the people who bought him on trial were super happy with him so what happened is he back? Yup. Apparently they were happy with him until they took him out on the trail and then they realized what a nutjob he is and sent him packing.

His ground manners are even worse now, threatening to bite me just for brushing him along with his standard quirks (no ear touching). But he was actually really well behaved once I was on him. Trotting, cantering, even jumping (just twice) with no fights. Well except to keep him from dropping the trot or canter. Weird.

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