Money, Money, Money

We both knew that our trip to Hawaii was going to be expensive. I think that is part of why we have never taken a trip like that before. Spending $6000 on a week of vacation seems more than a little ludicrous to me. But I find myself beyond excited about it. And not just that we are going to Kauai (though that would be enough) but that we aren't being cheap bastards about it. We are staying at a nice place (we were a little frugal with that and picked a condo instead of a resort). Renting a convertible instead of our usually as-cheap-as-possible-compact-budget-car. We are going to fit in as many fun activities as we can including but not limited to: an ocean tour, a helicopter tour, a luau, a trail ride, and ziplining. As of last night I believe I have our choices made of which company and which option we are going to chose for all these activities. Then I had the bright idea of adding it all up to see how much it was going to cost. . . . wait for it . . . over $1500 for the two of us to do all those things. And that isn't even the longest trail ride or including snuba or surfing lessons which we also talked about! OUCH!!

One thing I don't understand about myself, I spent that much on this computer, and more than that so far on my camera and all the lenses and accessories I have purchased for it. Just because I have something to hold in my hand after that does that make it more okay to spend that much? This trip is our honeymoon, it is a set of amazing memories we are going to cherish forever, how is that worth less than a computer I will use a lot, but only for about 3 years then I will be sick of it and run off to buy another.

Oh and joy of joys, my wisdom teeth are moving again, and this time I think it is serious. I am seeing an oral surgeon in two weeks. The last thing I want is to ruin Hawaii by needing an emergency wisdom-tooth-endectomy.

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