Apparently as a child I had a minor obsession with the family of mallard ducks who would hang out in the creek at the bottom of our yard during the summer and sometimes trek up the yard to our neighbors back step because they would leave bread out for them. Why do I say obsessed? I received a link to an online album today of negatives I had mailed out to be scanned (remember those little cameras that took those 110 cartridges?) and of the 143 pictures in the album at least 17 are obviously of the duck (there are a couple more that might be). That is almost 12%. The only other thing on par with it in terms of number of pictures is the Grand Canyon. Oh and my childhood backyard.

It was fun though and worth the $97 to see what I took pictures of as a kid. I don't know if I will print many (or any) of them out, but I am glad to have them. And I am looking forward to buying a slide/negative scanner to scann through all Dad's old pictures.

By the way read that duck wikipedia article because the information about mating behavoir in these birds is very interesting!

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