As I was filling out a Elastomer Verification form at work the other day (that is a form where we document receiving and reviewing the proper documents to prove what material something is made of, and that it matches what we required it to be, moving on) and while looking at the 2 3/4" diameter EPDM o-rings, I noticed that they looked very much like jelly bracelets! There were also some 18" ones that made nice necklaces. I wonder if they make ones that would be small enough to be rings? I bet they do. I wonder what real jelly bracelets are made of? Anyone know?

In other news I had a good lesson last night. We caught a couple of things that I have been doing wrong in my jumping and correcting them made a world of difference in how stable I felt through the jump and landing. And I am almost to the point where I don't totally dis-trust Elvis anymore so that is making progress.

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