New Ring!!!!

Sitting here at my desk wishing for something to do for 5 m inutes to give me a break from work and writing a blog update doesn't cross my mind? Where are my priorities? I have a lot of pictures to post, when I get around to making them ready for the web. Pictures of Mike's Band Foundry gig on Friday night. Which was highly entertaining, mostly because of the nutty singer, who flashed everyone her underpants (I don't believe on purpose), though I wasn't fast enough to catch it with the camera. I was really at the limit of my cameras low light capabilities (ISO 1600, f1.8, SS 1/30) at least without the flash and without the shutter speed being so slow that everything ended up blurry a nyway. Silly musicians won't stand still on stage! Saturday we did chores, sold my old stereo, drove down to Santa Clara to see Mike's Bass teacher's band (enchant) perform. That was a little too hard-core for me and little too late at night (they didn't go on until 11:30 or later). Sunday we finally got up to Calistoga to see the Geyser (very small compared to Yellowstone, but Llamas! Which has left the llama song stuck in my head), and the petrified trees. And since it was our one year, one month wedding anniversary, Mike gave me my anniversary gift that wasn't ready on our 1 year. A new platnimum wedding band!!! It's GORGEOUS!! And he got it from my favorite jewelry site Fay Cullen! I have the best husband!

Mike's brother will be in SF for work for the next couple of days so we are going to be hanging out with him at night. That will be fun. And I ordered a speedlite and diffuser on Friday and they shipped today. Yeah more photography stuff. And I can take pictures of Mike and Dan playing guitar hero!!

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