Bad Blogger

Well I am a bad blogger. And it isn't likely to get better in the near future. The big shutdown for this year is in its early stages right now and will last for another month. I don't have any projects of my own but I am helping out on a couple that belong to someone else so I am still pretty busy. Soon that might even mean weird hours. Who doesn't love the 5pm to 2 am shift? Then when I get home I am working my way through designing album pages for our Hawaii book. I could use the blurb.com layouts like I did for our anniversary book but I really wanted more flexibility than that, especially with the colors. This option is giving me that. It is just taking FOREVER! I am trying to get at least one 2-page spread finished a day but I am only on the second full day of our trip and the 12th spread! This is going to be a FAT book.

The shoes finally came, on Tuesday. Sadly I might actually send all of them back. I just don't like most of them, and the one pair I do like (the red) are too small. That is not making me a happy camper! Now I want to drown my sorrows in new camera stuff. As if I really need a macro lens, a speedlite, a diffuser . . . when has that ever stopped me?

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