Back on Days

As of this week I am sort-of back on days, late/long days but I am at least not supposed to be here overnight. And the contractors are close to on track so that is great. Maybe I will be able to get back to the gym this week and start squeezing in some work on my projects! I took a few pictures yesterday while we were hanging around the house but I haven't have time to finish getting them ready for the web.

I am still debating what lens to get next for my camera. I should force myself to stick with what I have I suppose. But I also really want to replace my kit lens so I have something a bit more generic to use instead of having the 50mm stuck on there all the time. I have the money for it. Decisions. I need to find some things to go take pictures of to make me see if what I have really isn't enough. I want to go to the race track and take pictures of the race horses. I am sure I can talk Mike into that, it means he gets to gamble and he LOVES that!!

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