Blog Change?

I am thinking that I want to revamp this website again, and then I think about how much work it would be and I wonder if it is really worth it. Should I just start a blog on blogger or something and be done with this? Just leave this page here for photos? I don't know. I might also just be cranky because I am making my way through my first overnight work shift of the shutdown. I miss Mike, I don't like being at work this late, ALONE! I have plenty of work to do, paperwork. But I have 10 more hours to fill up so what is the rush? I did finally get together the pictures from Redhouse & Calistoga and put them on a page. Though you have seen some of them already below.

Okay here is my real thing. I don't really have much to say. I am not a writer, I don't aspire to be. My blog posts are boring records of the day to day crap that makes up my life, they are not thoughtful or insightful or even all that interesting. Who reads this? Who would WANT to read this? I really don't. So part of why I am thinking about changing all of this is to make it more focused on pictures and not on words. I love taking pictures, I love learning about photography, and though I am not great at it I am certainly better with images than words. Maybe I just need to get a life?

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