A Lesson!

Last night I managed to get out of here early, at 2 am actually. Tonight doesn't look as good for that. But that is okay, I don't have to come in again until Saturday. The really good part about getting out at 2 am (other than actually getting to sleep in bed with my husband for a couple of hours!) was that I got to get enough sleep to squeeze in a riding lesson at 3 today. I took my camera but I didn't end up taking it out of the car. It was too stinking hot. And really I was in a bit of a rush to get through the lesson and go home to get ready for work.

Elvis was healthy, he has started to lose his winter coat and he looks SO bony now, nothing like the muscular stocky horse of less than a year ago. It makes me kind of sad actually. And I know it's not that Devitos isn't taking care of him, they take good care of their horses otherwise I wouldn't take lessons there. Maybe he is sick and that is why his personality has changed so much? I will try to take pictures of him in two weeks.

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