Never moving again

Not me, you know I want to move again, the blog! This moving archives thing is a PITA!! I got two months over this weekend, and one today. But I used to write a lot more often in 2004 which is nice but it sucks when I have to move each of them over here. Makes me miss those months when I only posted 5 times instead of 20!

It's fun to read everything though. Like all my posts about how much I love running. They even got me motivated enough to hit the gym this morning and do 30 minutes on the treadmill. I know I never love the treadmill as much as running outside, but it is something. And maybe I can work back up to running outside? I do really miss that.

Okay only 7 more months to go and I will be done transferring, one a day and I will be done by next week! There is still a lot of other stuff to deal with too, like photos. Bleeh.

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