Retro or Futuristic?

Today I decided to flip my hair out. It just dried mostly that way and I thought for once I would work with it instead of fighting it. Sounds like a good plan right? So I am curling my hair in the bathroom and Mike comes in and says "How Leave it to Beaver you look." However I thought I was channeling Jane Jetson a little more. Then he responded with maybe it was more B-52s? Now being me I had to go find pictures of all of this and present them all to all of you to see which one YOU think I look like right now. Maybe none?

How my hair looks today

June Cleaver

Jane Jetson


Maybe it is more Donna Reed? Or Sandra Dee? Who else had flippy 50's housewife hair? Though I really think it does have more of a space ship vibe to it than a "I will have the pot roast and your slippers ready when you get home" vibe. I am obviously putting way to much thought into something so small, but the whole point to me of having a blog is I can go on and on about this lame stuff without making my poor husband put up with it. OH I got it, GIDGET!!

Donna Reed

Sandra Dee

Gidget - Sally Field

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