Two years down

I have managed to get two years of archives over here from my old site. It's a pain in the butt though. Since most of them didn't have titles and of course none of them had labels so I have to add all that stuff to each post. But I only have about one more year to go. Maybe I can get that done this weekend since I finally don't have to work?

Speaking of archived posts, I have to read each one (or at least skim) to pick a title and labels and I just finished the two months where I was anxiously waiting for the offer for this job, quitting my old job, finding an apt in CA, packing all my stuff, moving, Mike's arrival . . . wow. It's amazing how quickly I forgot how stressful all of that was. Sadly reading it made me want to move again, I hate moving while I am doing it, but for some reason I love the idea of it.

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