I am not an idiot!

There is a reason that I don't buy books that are titled "The Idiot's Guide to . . . " I HATE being spoken to like I am stupid. When I read a book, that I paid good money for I want it to authorative, not trying to be my friend and talk to me on the lowest level. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against casual writing styles, on blogs, or message boards or emails. That is the nature of those media, they are more like a conversation, so casual is fitting. But in a book I don't like it.

Where is this all coming from? I bought a book off of amazon.com that was delivered today "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson. Highly recommended by other photographers. I started reading it tonight as I was waiting for Mike to get home from work. Don't get me wrong it does have a lot of good information in it (though I already know a bunch of it), and while that bothers me a little I know a good book should start from scratch and assume not everyone knows how aperature works. But you don't need to write like I have the reading level of an 8th grader, this isn't USA Today!

Hopefully I get less annoyed with the book. I am going to keep reading it anyway, there might be some hidden gem of information in there that I really need!

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