Tomorrow I am having my upper wisdom teeth out. I am not so much worried about the surgery, or even the aftermath, I will get through that although not eating crunchy or chewy foods for a week is going to be hard on me I admit! And no OJ? How am I expected to survive?? So what am I worried about? Going under. I have never had any kind of anesthetic for surgery before, heck I have never had surgery before. And the worst part? Aside from not being able to eat or even drink water for 8+ hours before surgery?? They use a needle to put you under. I HATE, DESPISE needles. I am so nervous about having someone give me an IV! I have never had one before. To have a needle just hanging out in my vein, oh that gives me the shivers. Yuck!! I hope I can be calm and just look away when they do it, without tensing up too much.

I should stop thinking about it, it is just getting me more worked up.

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