At my apartment in St. Davids, you know the one where I was surrounded by old people, and the train station was across the street? There was a magnolia tree right outside my bedroom windows. At the time I enjoyed the shade it provided, my apartment stayed fairly cool in the summers, I didn't like the millipedes it seemed to attract into my kitchen. I never really stopped to take a close look at the lovely large white blooms on the tree. Now that I look at everything as a chance to take pictures, and everything that can't run away, and especially anything that flowers as a chance for macros I was so excited to see the magnolias start to bloom two weeks ago on my way to my riding lesson. Turns out there are two trees two entrances down from our complex and I walked over there today with my camera. Luckily for me I also stuck a pocket knife in my bra (I was wearing a skirt, they don't come with pockets!) in case they were too high up in the tree to take pictures in situ. Which turned out to be true, so I broke one off and brought it home for an hour long photo session on the deck in the blue and purple vase. These flowers have amazng varities of texture.

The only good shot I have of one on the tree.

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