First Box of '87 Slides

I have mentioned before that I am trying to scan my Dad's old color slides to digital images. I finally finished the first box of 254 slides Dad sent me today. We are starting with slides from the huge family trip we took in the summer of 1987. Some day I will write a series of posts about the whole trip (probably not until I have all the slides finished), but for now I wanted to share with you some of the pictures of all us that were in the first box. Dad probably took all of these, though I am not sure about this one, as we know how I am about ducks and pictures.

Can you see me and Val and Mom walking along the beach? Val and I are the two small people in the edge of the water, Mom is in the bright red pants. I believe this was in the bay area. I remember my jelly sandals almost getting washed away and being surprised at how cold it was in San Francisco.

Not sure where this was but notice how Mom and I pose nicely and Val has to be all silly.

Yes Val and I have always been obsessed with horses. We were ripping up grass to feed to this one.

Yellowstone, all of us being a little nutty this time!

One of Dad! (I am betting he didn't take this one.)

Start of a VERY COLD walk up a hill. Val do you remember how cold we were when we got back to the van? We had to pull out that foil blanket thing?

See freezing!

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Anonymous said...

it was like icey claws scratching at your face! it was horrible! and i remember the foil blanket but i can't say i actually remember it making us any warmer. :)


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