Second Macros

Last night at the grocery store we picked up a bouquet of mixed flowers so I could play with my macro lens some more today. The gerber daises turned out to be the most fun to photograph. They are so bright and have so many different textures.

Yes I sprayed water on them with a spray bottle just for those shots.

The other daises and mums (I think) were also great because they were so bright.

On the advice of another photographer on the photo board I visit I did an experiment where I used my tripod, set my camera up on Av mode and incremented up from the widest aperature to the smallest within about 6" of my subject, then backed up 6" and repeated, back up again and repeat. The point of that being to see how different your depth of field is at different aperatures and different distances from you subject. It really got me to try more settings when I was done with the exercise, I think it is already improving my shots, just compare these two.

ISO 100, SS 1/160, f/4.0

ISO 100, SS 1/40, f/8

I think the second one looks much better!

I am going to try to at least once in a while post the settings for some of my pictures, I always wish other blogger/photographers would.

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LawGeek said...

I don't know ANYTHING about photography, but I do know that I use these as my wallpaper on my computer! You're developing so much talent! I love it!


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