The Cracker Debacle

I love having peanut butter at around 8 or 9 in the morning when I get to work, especially if I ran or went to the gym that morning, it is just the thing I need to keep me feeling pretty full until lunch. I used to use plain rice cakes as the structural support for my pb, it didn't take away from the taste and was very crunchy. Eventually I realized that this was a place I could add more fiber to my diet so I set out looking for a healthy cracker that I could use to support my pb instead. The healthiest thing I could find was Wasa crackers, which are pretty darn healthy, some so much so that they taste like cardboard (at least at first). After trying four different kinds I finally found one that I actually even liked (though eventually it became a default choice as safeway kept stocking less and less options). Finally this past weekend Safeway seems to have stopped selling them all together. No big deal right? I'll just find another cracker, how hard can that be. I looked at all the choices, found the healthiest one and put it in the cart. It ended up being Fat Free RyKrisps. I tried them this morning, honestly I thought I was going to puke. They have this funky licorice aftertaste, which I wouldn't have liked on it's own but it is even worse with peanut butter. Looks like Whole Foods trips are going to have to be more frequent from now on, they still stock Wasa crackers, and I finally found a brand of cottage cheese I like there!

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