Hot Air Balloon Ride

I hope you are ready for a lot of pictures because I took 100 just in the 90 minutes we spent around the balloons today. I managed to narrow it down to 24 to share with you. We had a good time. Though we both agree the helicopter ride in Kauai was much more fun.

Waiting while they set up the balloon.

Our balloon being inflated.

The top of the other ballon from the same company while being blown up.

The two balloons.


OH fire! They start filling it with that fan in the lower part of the image until it is full enough that starting the burner won't burn it.

It's upright!

And we are off.

Where we took off from.

Our shadow.

Another ballon above us.

Then below us.

Fire! That was so close to our heads we thought we were going to go bald from the heat. If you ever go on one of these, take a hat!!

Nearing landing time.

Starting to deflate our balloon while we act as human ballast.

Other ballons coming in for landing.

Ours on it's side getting deflated

Getting the air pushed out.

I was trying to get some sun-flare here. For artistic reasons.

Me sitting in the cow field in which we landed.

Pretty balloon.

So does it look like fun? It was really peaceful when the burner wasn't on, well for the two minutes when our guide would stop talking.

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