Mike is trying to sell his motorcycle again. He does this at least once a year. Not because he doesn't enjoy it, but because he never uses it and we know we don't want to pay to ship it back to the east coast when we move. Yesterday he took it for a spin around the block just to make sure it is still running well, and to make sure we don't totally drain the battery by never starting it. I decided it would be a good chance for me to practice panning as he drove by. Of course I didn't tell him that was what I was going to do, so he drove around the LONG block instead of driving around the short block multiple times. I still got one pretty good one.

24-70L lens, ISO 100, f/22, SS 1/25.

I followed the tips from Martin Bailey's Panning Podcast using continuous shooting, following through where I really wanted the image. Which is good because out of the 6 I took this was the one that had Mike the most sharply in focus. I am glad I decided to practice this though. It was fun.

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