A's Game

Thank goodness I figured out that the hotel has wireless last night. I thought I was tethered to the stupid little port at the desk, which made me not want to post.

Last Thursday we went to the As vs Angels game in Oakland with Mike's work. It was okay, once again we didn't dress as warmly as we should have for the bay, so poor Mike was really cold because I told him I thought a fleece was too much to wear. Oops!! But at least I had a pretzel and a big dog. I wanted cotton candy but I didn't see it until after I ate the other two and I was stuffed!!

Of course I took my camera, and the 70-300mm lens, which still didn't get me quite close enough considering where we were sitting. I could have cropped these to look like we were closer, but I didn't. It was hard to get a fast enough shutter speed to catch the balls in mid-air, they were fast!

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