Day Off

With another changeover coming up in two months (yippee) I figured it was time to start using up my comp time from the last two before I lose it, or have so much that I can never use it all (I have ~7 days to use on top of the 15 days of vacation I currently have). To that end I took the day off of work yesterday! I got to go to the movies by myself to see a chick flick (Becoming Jane, which was really good!!), vacuum my car, wax my eyebrows, give myself a manicure and pedicure . . . it was a nice day. It was easy to not come into work once I was home but it was hard for me to leave work on Tuesday knowing that I wouldn't be in the next day, and not because I think I am really important I know I am not, it is just my routine, and I don't like changing it. It turned out really well though and I don't regret it one bit. Which is good because I am going to have to do it again soon, I have 176 hours to use up, and Mike only has 33 so I need to get used to playing hokey alone.

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