Damn it!!!

These shoes, the ones I am in love with??? They were put in the jcrew final sale today, I was totally ready to snap them up ASAP if they did, well guess what??? NOT IN MY SIZE ANYMORE!!!!!! They have the gold in a 9 and the silver and gold in an 11, NOTHING in a 10!! I would get the 11 and try them out, but there are no returns or exchanges, and while I will pay $200+ for a pair of shoes I might wear 1 or 2 times a year, I won't pay $150 for shoes I might not ever be able to wear!! Now what? I have scoured the internet for other silver dress shoes already as I was waiting to order those, just to see what my other options were, NOTHING jumped out at me! Can I wear Ivory shoes with those dresses??? Which btw are supposed to arrive today. Not as happy about that anymore. I am feeling rather pout-y now.

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