Last night at my lesson I got to ride a new horse. His current name is Finnley (which no one is calling him, Dagi likes it least of all since her dogs name is Finn), he is a 4 year old chestnut quarter horse. He is a little shorter than I am used to (considering I am more of a Thoroughbred girl myself) and quite stocky. But super sweet, very energetic and forward. Overall very fun to ride! I am going to have to take my camera in two weeks when I ride again so you can see him. I can't wait to try jumping him! Dagi is still working with him on that, since he is so young, and I hung around after my lesson to watch them! He has a couple of little quirks like all horses do. He is very responsive to leg aids and your seat (which is a dream in a lesson horse!). He likes very light calm hands, to be guided or held with the reins but not pulled. Being that is so young he very much needs you to always be telling him where you want him to go, especially if you are away from the rail. If you don't keep your legs guiding him, he starts to feel all wiggly like he doesn't know if he should go left, right or straight. It's kind of a weird feeling. I really hope I get to keep riding him, it was such a nice challenge last night!

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