Holiday To Do List

Since I am so busy I don't have much to post about other than work and the holidays and all the stuff I have to do. I could post a work to do list and you could see how busy I am and how much we love acronyms around here (DAR, DCN, MEI . . . ) it wouldn't be pretty. So instead you get to see my holiday to do list. Hopefully I can start crossing stuff off of here soon!!

  • Regular Christmas cards
    • Address
    • Mail
  • Photo card for board card exchange
    • Take Picture
    • Design
    • Address
    • Mail
  • Cookies
    • Choose recipes to make
    • Buy supplies
    • Bake!!
  • Gifts
    • Finish Shopping/coming up with ideas for
      • Mom
      • Val
      • Dad
      • Kim & Tim
      • Mother and Father in Law
      • Mike
      • Beckies (like how I pluralize them??)
    • Wrap
    • Mail to family
    • Come up with gift suggestions for me!
I started this post a while back and never posted it, so here it is updated with what I have finished to date. Hopefully I can cross more off soon. Back to that list of work stuff.

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