I took these pictures 10 days ago. I have been dying to photograph these purple flowers (anyone know what they are?) and I finally found a patch that wasn't along the side of the highway. Instead it was by the side of the road on the way to the gym so I slipped out of the ho-ho a little early that Friday to sit in the dirt with my camera.

All taken with 100mm macro, on XT around 2 hours before sunset.
ISO 200, ss 1/100, f/14

ISO 100, ss 1/400, f/4

ISO 100, ss 1/100, f/8

ISO 100, ss 1/100, f/10

ISO 100, ss 1/100, f/8

ISO 100, ss 1/100, f/8

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sophie (nestie kouiii) said...

Great flowers pictures!

I believe those purple flowers are lupines. They usually bloom around the same time as the California poppies.

If you're into hiking, you'll find both easily on a lot of trails. The lupines in the valley are probably blooming right now, and they will soon in higher altitude.


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