Keeping Busy

I have been keeping myself pretty busy this weekend. Mainly with my normal activity of sitting on the couch (a favorite week night activity as well) but the past week or so instead of just surfing the web during that time I have finally started to get serious about looking for a new job so we can move back to the east coast. It is a bittersweet decision as I actually really enjoy both my current work and the people I work with. I will be sad to say good-bye to all that. But I do look forward to being much closer to our families, hopefully being able to afford a house, get a puppy all that.

I have added a new page element to the sidebar to track my job application process. So at the end we can see how many jobs I had to apply to in order to end up with one accepted job offer. Hopefully it won't be in the hundreds, applying to 5 over the past week has already been tiring.

Wish me luck!

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