Monterey Bay Aquarium

We decided to take a little break from packing on Saturday and take a quick trip down to Monterey to see the Aquarium. We have been meaning to go there for a while and are quickly running out of time for things like that. It was of course ridiculously crowded, especially with kids in strollers (and running around outside of them as well). I can't say I really thought it was worth the 2 hour drive and the $25 per person ticket price. But it was fun, and we loved the jellyfish exhibit. It was so dark in there though I had to crank my ISO up to 1600 which I hate to do because of all the noise I get with the XT, it really is time for a new camera, now if Canon would just announce the darn thing and start selling it I would be all set!.

All with 24-70L lens


Anonymous said...

hey lil sis. i don't like jellyfish but i do love the sixth pic from the bottom- the one with the white & blue. it looks like it came out of a nat. geo. magazine. :-)

JessWphotography said...

These are beautiful, love all the colors.


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