Cross Country Trip Day 1

The first day of our drive was Friday June 27th. That morning the movers picked up most of our earthly posession and loaded them into a huge truck and my car was picked up and loaded onto a vehical transport truck. After turning over our keys and getting our security deposit back we started out drive. The first stop was Vacaville to have some lunch and for me to check my email to get our COBRA paperwork and say goodbye to my work friends one more time. I didn't realize I had never actually taken Mike unto campus or shown him my desk!

Back on the road there wasn't really much to see because of all the smoke and hazy from the wildfires. That finally started to clear up when we reached Mount Shasta.
At which point the scenery finally got interesting.
We crossed the border into Oregon on a small highway and got pulled over for speeding! We were lucky enough not to get a ticket and we made a deal with ourselves that we would stick close to the speed limit for most of our trip as the risk of getting pulled over goes way up driving 4200 miles in 12 days compared to 80 miles a day! Shortly after that we reached the town of <<>> where we had reservations for the night. Of course we got totally lost and could not find our hotel! We stopped at a Safeway for directions, and got them, but to the wrong hotel!! Finally I called 411 and got their address and phone number and called for help. Once we found the hotel (which was decent but crowded) we wanted nothing but to eat some dinner and go to bed.

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