Day by Day

Not having internet at work is really eating into my ability to post here. Not that I need to post from work, but when I get home I have so much other stuff to read on the web to catch up between my google reader, emails, and message boards that I rarely have the time or energy left to write up a good post. I am hoping that eventually I will either a) get a little web access to help with SOME of that, b) get an iphone so that I can surf on my breaks or c) scale down some of the stuff I used to do on the web when I had more access so that I can keep up with the things that are really important to me.

Other than not having any web access at work, work is . . . well honestly boring. I have no work to do yet, my boss is on vacation until next week, and all I have is a pile of reading that is putting me to sleep. The dress code here is very different than GNE and is taking some getting used to on my part (not that I mind the excuse to buy more pairs of shoes and clothes) but I am still working on figuring out how strict they are on it. I have seen people breaking the specific rules listed in it (no shorts, no bare legs (ie stockings are required with a shirt, socks or other required with pants), no sneakers, no open toed shoes, no denim of any kind) but I don't know who these people are and if that has something to do with why they can get away with it. Further research is required.

Also I am doing a ton of walking at work, especially for someone who sits at her desk reading all day. There is no bathroom in the modular building (read trailer) we are in so I have to walk outside into another building and down a hallway just to take care of that bit of business (I like the time killing aspect of it, not the walking).

Overall I am trying to reserve judgment until I really get to know the place, it is not fair to compare it at this point to a place I had worked for 3 years and knew and really liked so many people. It took time to develop that there and I need to give this job that time as well right?

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