You might be wondering

At this point you might be wondering why on earth I haven't updating you on what is going on with the house that we put an offer on back on Valentine's Day. In a word? Nothing. Apparently someone else wanted to see it this past weekend (oddly enough right when we were driving by to show my mother and father in law the house) so the owner is waiting to see if they come back with an offer before he decides on ours.

Maybe we are taking this the wrong way being on the buying end but we are really annoyed that we put in a fair offer to try to save time and have things settled and now he is playing games and making us wait. It has really taken the wind from my sails and most of the fun out of this house hunting experience!

Oh well I suppose we will see what happens and then decide if we are still interested. I suppose he can still accept our offer but we are not legally bound to buy his house at that price anymore if he does accept. The offer is long since expired.

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