Flashback Friday 27-Mar

I haven't been out shooting much the past two weeks because I have been trying to scan in a bunch of old 35mm negatives that my Dad left with me last summer. I don't know if I have ever mentioned it on here but one of the main reasons I picked photography as a hobby (other than it being technical which I knew would suit me) is because my Dad has always been into it and I love looking at the pictures he took before he married Mom and when Val and I were kids. Well usually, unless they are embarrassing pictures of me. Expect to see more of these as I edit them, and I am sure there will be more to scan.

Maybe the least embarrasing photo of me from when I was nine, though still . . .
I tried out the gradient filters in LR on this one to bring back the sky.

And just so I am not alone in this embarrassment, my sister

I am not sure exactly when or where these were taken, just that they were developed in April 1988.

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Anonymous said...

i think i remember those shorts. they were one of my favorites. :-p along with my striped shorts and my hightops and my red el rancho de paz t-shirt. which i know there was a photo of... somewhere.


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