Introducing . . .

Our two little kitties!!!

Gibson, the runt, the adventurer, but he has to know where his brother is or he cries until he finds him

Stanley or Martin or Stanley-Martin or Martin-Stanley, the shy one, likes to hide under things, sticks his tongue out after he chases his brother around and has to catch his breath.

You can't keep them far apart (which helps with catching them to cut their nails like we did tonight, you just have to hold on to one and the other will be nearby).

Kittens are so much fun!

They are really going to challenge my focusing skills both being dark, there is no contrast unless you can catch an eye, and they are too fast for that! I am going to have to catch them at nap time, I will try again tomorrow.


Sara said...

Your kitties are so cute!!

Becky said...

OMG-you're a mommy!!! You're kitties are so, so cute! And the house looks great too! So much excitement...congrats!!


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